Montjuich Park Circuit
Grand Prix of Spain
1973 Spanish Grand Prix (Montjuich)

1975 - XXI Gran Premio de Espana Starting grid
27 April. Race 254. 29 laps. 3790 m. 109.910 km. Sunny, Dry.
  1  2Jochen MassMcLaren M23/Ford42'53.7-
  2  6Jacky IckxLotus 72E/Ford+1.1-
  3  7Carlos ReutemannBrabham BT44B/Ford+1 lap-
  417Jean-Pierre JarierShadow DN5/Ford+1 lap-
  5  9Vittorio BrambillaMarch 751/Ford+1 lap-
  610Lella LombardiMarch 751/Ford+2 laps-
  721Tony BriseWilliams FW04/Ford+2 laps-
  818John WatsonSurtees TS16/Ford+3 laps-
 11Clay RegazzoniFerrari 312T25 lapsNot classified
 22Rolf StommelenHill GH1/Ford25 lapsAccident
   8Carlos PaceBrabham BT44B/Ford25 lapsAccident
 16Tom PryceShadow DN5/Ford23 lapsAccident
   5Ronnie PetersonLotus 72E/Ford23 lapsSuspension
 31Roelof WunderinkEnsign N174/Ford20 lapsTransmission
 23Francois MigaultHill GH1/Ford18 lapsNot classified
 27Mario AndrettiParnelli VPJ4/Ford16 lapsSuspension
 14Bob EvansBRM P201  7 lapsFuel system
 24James HuntHesketh 308/Ford  6 lapsAccident
   3Jody ScheckterTyrrell 007/Ford  3 lapsEngine
 28Mark DonohuePenske PC1/Ford  3 lapsAccident
 25Alan JonesHesketh 308/Ford  3 lapsAccident
   4Patrick DepaillerTyrrell 007/Ford  1 lapAccident
 30Wilson FittipaldiFittipaldi FD02/Ford  1 lapWithdrew
 20Arturo MerzarioWilliams FW04/Ford  1 lapWithdrew
 12Niki LaudaFerrari 312T  0 lapsAccident
   1Emerson FittipaldiMcLaren M23/Ford  0 lapsNot started
Lap Leaders
 James Hunt  1-6
 Mario Andretti  7-16
 Rolf Stommelen17-21
 Carlos Pace22-22
 Rolf Stommelen23-25
 Jochen Mass26-27
 Jacky Ickx28-28
 Jochen Mass29-29

1973 - XIX Gran Premio de Espana Starting grid
29 April. Race 224. 75 laps. 3790 m. 284.250 km. Sunny, Dry.
  1  1Emerson FittipaldiLotus 72D/Ford1:48'18.7-
  2  4Francois CevertTyrrell 006/Ford+42.7-
  320George FollmerShadow DN1/Ford+1'13.1-
  4  6Peter RevsonMcLaren M23/Ford+1 lap-
  515Jean-Pierre BeltoiseBRM P160D+1 lap-
  6  5Denny HulmeMcLaren M23/Ford+1 lap-
  712Mike BeuttlerMarch 721G/Ford+1 lap-
  811Henri PescaroloMarch 721G/Ford+2 laps-
  914Clay RegazzoniBRM P160D+6 laps-
1017Wilson FittipaldiBrabham BT42/Ford+6 laps-
1124Nanni GalliIso Marlboro IR1/Ford+6 laps-
12  7Jacky IckxFerrari 312B3+6 laps-
 18Carlos ReutemannBrabham BT42/Ford66 lapsHalfshaft
 23Howden GanleyIso Marlboro IR2/Ford63 lapsOut of fuel
   2Ronnie PetersonLotus 72D/Ford56 lapsGearbox
   3Jackie StewartTyrrell 006/Ford47 lapsBrakes
 16Niki LaudaBRM P160D28 lapsTyre
 25Graham HillShadow DN1/Ford27 lapsBrakes
   9Mike HailwoodSurtees TS14A/Ford25 lapsOil leak
 19Jackie OliverShadow DN1/Ford23 lapsEngine
 21Andrea de AdamichBrabham BT42/Ford17 lapsWheel
 10Carlos PaceSurtees TS14A/Ford13 lapsHalfshaft
Lap Leaders
 Ronnie Peterson  1-56
 Emerson Fittipaldi57-75

1971 - XXVII Gran Premio de Espana Starting grid
18 April. Race 199. 75 laps. 3790 m. 284.250 km. Sunny, Dry.
  111Jackie StewartTyrrell 003/Ford1:49'03.4-
  2  4Jacky IckxFerrari 312B+3.4-
  320Chris AmonMatra MS120B/Simca+58.1-
  414Pedro RodriguezBRM P160+1'17.9-
  5  9Denny HulmeMcLaren M19A/Ford+1'27.0-
  621Jean-Pierre BeltoiseMatra MS120B/Simca+1 lap-
  712Francois CevertTyrrell 002/Ford+1 lap-
  810Peter GethinMcLaren M19A/Ford+2 laps-
  9  8Tim SchenkenBrabham BT33/Ford+3 laps-
1016Howden GanleyBRM P160+4 laps-
1124John SurteesSurtees TS9/Ford+8 laps-
   3Reine WisellLotus 72C/Ford58 lapsNot classified
   2Emerson FittipaldiLotus 72C/Ford54 lapsSuspension
 27Henri PescaroloMarch 711/Ford53 lapsEngine
   6Mario AndrettiFerrari 312B50 lapsEngine
 19Alex Soler-RoigMarch 711/Ford46 lapsFuel pipe
 17Andrea de AdamichMarch 711/Alfa Romeo26 lapsTransmission
 18Ronnie PetersonMarch 711/Ford24 lapsIgnition
   5Clay RegazzoniFerrari 312B13 lapsEngine
 25Rolf StommelenSurtees TS9/Ford  9 lapsFuel pressure
 15Jo SiffertBRM P160  5 lapsGearbox
   7Graham HillBrabham BT34/Ford  5 lapsSteering
Lap Leaders
 Jacky Ickx  1-5
 Jackie Stewart  6-75

1969 - XV Gran Premio de Espana Starting grid
4 May. Race 175. 90 laps. 3790 m. 341.100 km. Sunny, Dry.
  1  7Jackie StewartMatra MS80/Ford2:16'54.0-
  2  6Bruce McLarenMcLaren M7C/Ford+2 laps-
  3  8Jean-Pierre BeltoiseMatra MS80/Ford+3 laps-
  4  5Denny HulmeMcLaren M7A/Ford+3 laps-
  514John SurteesBRM P138+6 laps-
  6  4Jacky IckxBrabham BT26A/Ford+7 laps-
   9Pedro RodriguezBRM 12673 lapsEngine
 15Chris AmonFerrari 312/6956 lapsEngine
   3Jack BrabhamBrabham BT26A/Ford51 lapsEngine
 10Jo SiffertLotus 49B/Ford30 lapsOil leak
   2Jochen RindtLotus 49B/Ford19 lapsAccident
 11Piers CourageBrabham BT26A/Ford18 lapsEngine
   1Graham HillLotus 49B/Ford  8 lapsAccident
 12Jackie OliverBRM P133  1 lapOil pipe
Lap Leaders
 Jochen Rindt  1-19
 Chris Amon20-56
 Jackie Stewart57-90

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