Adelaide Grand Prix Circuit

Adelaide Grand Prix Circuit
Adelaide, Australia
Location:Center of Adelaide (around city park zone)
Latitude/longitude:34°55'37.73" S, 138°37'0.81" E
Track Length:3780 m
Total Distance:306.180 km
First Grand Prix:1985
Last Grand Prix:1995
Grand Prix:11
Address:Adelaide Grand Prix Circuit
300 Rundle Street
Adelaide 5000

Adelaide circuit is one of the best tracks located within a city. Wide track goes around city's park zone wrapping a part of Victoria Park. Adelaide circuit is admired by many fans. It has very long straight - unusual for city tracks (speed of 192 mph could be reached on it); this straight leads into a hairpin. There is also a set of amazing turns directly across from a former fruit warehouse; this group of turns was nicknamed "banana". Another feature of Adelaide circuit is a group of smooth 90-degree turns from street to street.
Adelaide track is often remembered in connection with Nigel Mansell tire blew out during a critical race in 1986. According to many drivers, in order to win a race on Adelaide circuit one must have a set of exceptionally reliable breaks.

First Winner
1985 - Keke Rosberg (Williams FW10/Honda RA163E 1.5 V6T) 2:00'40.473 hrs. 154.114 kmh.
Pole Position
1993 - Ayrton Senna (McLaren MP4-8/Ford HB 3.5 V8) 1'13.371 min. 185.468 kmh.
Fastest Lap
1993 - Damon Hill (Williams FW15C/Renault RS5 3.5 V10) 1'15:381 min. 180.523 kmh.
Last Winner
1995 - Damon Hill (Williams FW17/Renault RS7 3.0 V10) 1:49'15.946 hrs. 180.226 kmh.

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