Autodromo Oscar Alfredo Galvez

Autodromo Municipal De La Cuidad De Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Circuito № 6 (1995-1998)
Circuito № 15 (1974-1981)
Circuito № 9 (1972-1973)
Circuito № 2 (1954-1960)
Circuito № 2 (1953)
Location:Southern suburbs of Buenos Aires
Latitude/longitude:34°41'42.38" S, 58°27'34.65" W
Track Length:4259 m
Total Distance:306.535 km
First Grand Prix:1995
Last Grand Prix:1998
Grand Prix:4
Address:Autodromo Municipal De La Cuidad De Buenos Aires
Automovil Club Argentino
Avenue De Liberator
Buenos Aires 1850

El Autodromo 17 de Octobre (October 17th, 1946 is the date when president Peron came to power) was built by Buenos Aires city authorities for Grand Prix competitions. The track was opened on March 9th, 1952; in less than a year since its debut El Autodromo 17 de Octobre was hosting the first Grand Prix of 1953 - Gran Premio de la Republica Argentina.
The circuit had a network of roads which in various combinations (with each other as well as with the adjoining Avenida General Paz and Avenida Riccheri roadways) provided more than 15 various "rings", which all had a designated number.  During 1953-1960 races were held on the № 2 track, 1972-1973 on the track № 9, 1974-1981 on the track № 15 (also known as "Autodromo Almirante Brown"). Then track № 6 became compliant with all the safety requirements; since 1990 it was called "Autodromo Oscar Alfredo Galvez" (after Oscar Galves - Argentina driver, well-known at the end of 1940s). Competitions were held on the track № 6 during 1995-1998.
The El Autodromo 17 de Octobre is technically complex and therefore considered a "medium speed" track (max speed achieved by drivers during a lap is approximately 170 km per hour).

First Winner
1995 - Damon Hill (Williams FW17/Renault RS7 3.0 V10) 1:53'14.532 hrs. 162.474 kmh.
Pole Position
1997 - Jacques Villeneuve (Williams FW19/Renault RS9 3.0 V10) 1'24.473 min. 178.205 kmh.
Fastest Lap
1997 - Gerhard Berger (Benetton B197/Renault RS93.0 V8) 1'27.981 min. 174.269 kmh.
Last Winner
1998 - Michael Schumacher (Ferrari F300/Ferrari F47 3.0 V10) 1:48'36.175 hrs. 169.415 kmh.

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