TI Circuit Aida

Tanaka International Circuit / TI Circuit Aida
Location: 70 km north-east of Okayama
Latitude/longitude: 34°54'51.66" N, 134°13'15.77" E
Track Length: 3703 m
Laps: 83
Total Distance: 307.349 km
First Grand Prix: 1994
Last Grand Prix: 1995
Grand Prix: 2
Years: 1994-1995
Address: TI Circuit Aida
1210 Takimiya
Aida Cho
Aida Gun
Okayama-Ken 701-26
Internet: www.okayama-international-circuit.jp

Aida was built in 1990 by Haime Tanaka as a private club racetrack for the wealthy. Drivers from Great Britain were invited to the official opening. All brought their historical cars in which honor many circuit turns were named. Aida has two relatively long straights - "start-finish" and Back Straight and a group of turns: Hair Pin, Revolver, Redman, Hobbs and Mike Knight. This causes rather low speed averages.
One of Aida disadvantages is its difficult to access location. In order to get to Aida from the nearest town Kobe drivers and audience have to overcome a serpentine of mountain roads. Nevertheless more then 100,000 people attended world championship races held at Aida in 1994-1995.

First Winner
1994 - Michael Schumacher (Benetton B194/Ford Zetec-R 3.5 V8) 1:46'01.693 hrs. 173.925 kmh.
Pole Position
1994 - Ayrton Senna (Williams FW16/Renault RS6 3.5 V10) 1'10.218 min. 189.849 kmh.
Fastest Lap
1994 - Michael Schumacher (Benetton B194/Ford Zetec-R 3.5 V8) 1'14.023 min. 180.090 kmh.
Last Winner
1995 - Michael Schumacher (Benetton B195/Renault RS7 3.0 V10) 1:48'49.972 hrs. 169.443 kmh.

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