Aintree Circuit

Great Britain
Location: 9 km north east of Liverpool
Latitude/longitude: 53°28'36.03" N, 2°56'31.40" W
Track Length: 4828 m
Laps: 75
Total Distance: 362.102 km
First Grand Prix: 1955
Last Grand Prix: 1962
Grand Prix: 5
Years: 1955, 1957, 1959, 1961-1962
Address: A shortened version of the old track is still used for club racing events.

Aintree circuit is commonly known as Grand National where traditional Liverpool steeplechase is held. Topham family owned the big territory in Aintree and had been involved with the management of the Grand National. In 1953 Mirabel Topham has sponsored a construction of a new track to replace existing Grand National.
In 1954 the new circuit has been opened for races. Aintree brought success to many drivers - on this track Stirling Moss won his first Grand Prix and Jim Clark got his first out of four successive British GPs.
Aintree circuit belongs to the category of "slow" tracks - average speeds don't exceed 150 km per hour. The Grand Prix circuit was closed in 1964, but local races are still held at the short circuit.

First Winner
1955 - Stirling Moss (Mercedes W196/Mercedes W196 2.5 L8) 3:07'21.2 hrs. 139.156 kmh.
Pole Position
1962 - Jim Clark (Lotus 25/Climax 1.5 V8) 1'53.6 min. 153.001 kmh.
Fastest Lap
1962 - Jim Clark (Lotus 25/Climax 1.5 V8) 1'55.0 min. 151.138 kmh.
Last Winner
1962 - Jim Clark (Lotus 25/Climax 1.5 V8) 2:26'20.8 hrs. 148.457 kmh.

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