Bahrain International Circuit

Bahrain International Circuit / Sakhir Grand Prix Circuit
Present circuit
Circuit 2010
Circuit 2004-2005
Location: In the south of the country in Sakhir, 30 min. from the airport.
Latitude/longitude: 26°01'54.75" N, 50°30'52.94" E
Track Length: 5412 m
Laps: 57
Total Distance: 308.238 km
First Grand Prix: 2006
Last Grand Prix: 2015
Grand Prix: 8
Years: 2006-2009, 2012-2015
Address: Bahrain International Circuit
P.O. Box 26381
Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain race track in Sakhir was built in 16 months and cost $150 million. Construction was sponsored by the local companies and Malaysian firm WCT Engineering. More than 3,000 workers were involved in the construction; 70,000 cubic meters of concrete and 8,500 tons of steel were used; 82,000 tire covers were lined up along the track to protect race participants in the case of accidents. Bahrain race track can seat 50,000 people. The audience size does not sound impressive in comparison to the international standards; however for Bahrain this figure means seven percent of the country's population.
Bahrain is more than just a circuit for Formula 1 races; it is a complex of six tracks of various length and configuration, including a straight line for "drag racing" competitions and an oval track. Bahrain circuit has its debut on April 4th, 2004. Everybody unanimously agreed that the track had very modern infrastructure and conditions that would perfectly suit Grand Prix. Bahrain is 5,412 km long. However, despite the fact that the circuit has many straight lines, it is not a high-speed track. Bahrain has a lot of "slow" turns, especially at the end of straight lines; this gives drivers an excellent opportunity for passing, though it also very negatively affects brakes.

First Winner
2006 - Fernando Alonso (Renault R26/Renault RS26 2.4 V8) 1:29'46.205 hrs. 206.018 kmh.
Pole Position
2006 - Michael Schumacher (Ferrari 248 F1/Ferrari 056 2.4 V8) 1'31.431 min. 213.091 kmh.
Fastest Lap
2006 - Nico Rosberg (Williams FW28/Cosworth CA2006 2.4 V8) 1'32.408 min. 210.838 kmh..
Last Winner
2015 - Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes F1 W06/Mercedes PU106B 1.6 V6T) 1:35'05.809 hrs. 209.815 kmh.

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