Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch
Great Britain
Circuit 1976-1986
Circuit 1964-1974
Location: 32 km south east of London
Latitude/longitude: 51°21'22.77" N, 0°15'49.16" E
Track Length: 4206 m
Laps: 76
Total Distance: 319.664 km
First Grand Prix: 1976
Last Grand Prix: 1986
Grand Prix: 8
Years: GB GP: 1976-1986 (even years).
European GP: 1983, 1985
Address: Brands Hatch Circuits Ltd

Brands Hatch track is located about 20 miles south-west from London. It was opened for races on April 16th, 1950. The first race was held around nature-made crater and going counter-clockwise. This circuit was later named "Indy". In 1954 "Druids" portion of the track was added; after this all of the circuit's races were held clockwise. In 1960 John Webb - general manager of the track, has gotten approval to start construction of an additional loop so the circuit length would meet Grand Prix requirement.
Grand Prix World Championship has begun in 1964; from this point on, British Grand Prix was held at the Brands Hatch track 12 times, alternating with the Silverstone track. In addition to Formula 1 World Championship, several other competitions were held at the Brand Hatch: Formula 1 - Race of Champions, Challenge Trophy and Victory Race.
Brands Hatch is considered a complex but "fast" track. In 1975-76 several turns were reconstructed, however this did not affect average speeds of Formula 1 race cars. After Silverstone race track has started to accept British Grand Prix annually, Formula 1 championship was no longer held at Brand Hatch.

First Winner
1976 - Niki Lauda (Ferrari 312T2/Ferrari 312B 3.0 B12) 1:44'19.66 hrs. 183.842 kmh.
Pole Position
1986 - Nelson Piquet (Williams FW11/Honda RA166-E 1.5 V6T) 1'06.961 min. 226.131 kmh.
Fastest Lap
1986 - Nigel Mansell (Williams FW11/Honda RA166-E 1.5 V6T) 1'09.593 min. 217.579 kmh.
Last Winner
1986 - Nigel Mansell (Williams FW11/Honda RA166-E 1.5 V6T) 1:30'38.471 hrs. 208.817 kmh.

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