Red Bull Ring

Red Bull Ring / Spielberg
Spielberg, Austria
Current Circuit
Circuit 1977-1987
Circuit 1976
Circuit 1970-1975
Location: 70 km north-west of Graz.
Latitude/longitude: 47°13'23.79" N, 14°45'38.48" E
Track Length: 4318 m
Laps: 71
Total Distance: 307.146 km
First Grand Prix: 1997
Last Grand Prix: 2015
Grand Prix: 9
Years: 1997-2003, 2014-2015

Osterreichring was completely rebuilt at the same site in 1995 and 1996. Renovation utilized new contraction trends to insure safety of race participants. 32 million dollars was spent on this reconstruction. Austrian cell phone company A1 sponsored majority of occurred costs. New circuit was named after the company to honor generous donation.
A1-Ring configuration is very similar to that of Osterreichring; however straights became shorter and corner radiuses are now smaller. Nevertheless A1-Ring is still maintaining the reputation of a high-speed track.
After 2003, a plan was drawn up a plan to expand the track and parts of the circuit was demolished. A construction work was stopped and the circuit remained unusable for several years before it was purchased by Dietrich Mateschitz. Renamed the Red Bull Ring the track was rebuilt and reopened on 15 May 2011.

First Winner
1997 - Jacques Villeneuve (Williams FW19/Renault RS9/A 3.0 V10) 1:27'35.999 hrs. 210.228 kmh.
Pole Position
2002 - Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari F2002/Ferrari 051 3.0 V10) 1'08.082 min. 228.748 kmh.
Fastest Lap
2003 - Michael Schumacher (Ferrari F2003-GA/Ferrari 052 3.0 V10) 1'08.337 min. 227.894 kmh.
Last Winner
2015 - Nico Rosberg (Mercedes F1 W06/Mercedes PU106B 1.6 V6T) 1:30'16.930 hrs. 204.040 kmh.

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