Russian Formula One circuit projects

Cherkizovo (Moscow)

Location: Moscow's northern suburbs.
Track Length: 4780 m

Moscow city government discussed plans to build the circuit in area Molzhaninovo - between the Leningrad and International highway in the Moscow's northern suburbs. The project that will take at least three years to complete is to be put to tender next year.

Nagatino Motor Sport Complex (Moscow)

Location: The Nagatinskaya river valley to the south-east of the center of Moscow.
Track Name: Nagatino Motor Sport Complex
Track Length: about 7000 m

The project concept comprises the development and construction (on the banks of the river Moskva) of a large, multi-purpose motor sport complex in Moscow. The complex will not only play host to Formula One but also to other events from the world of motor sport. The project envisions the construction of a racing circuit, and of an automobile, technical, entertainment and business centre.

Pulkovo Ring (St. Petersburg)

Location: 20 km south of center St. Petersburg
Track Name: Pulkovo Ring
Track Length: over 4000 m

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